Friday, December 2, 2011

Veena Malik poses Nude for Vogue

The beautiful pakistani actress is in talks again, this time for her nude photoshoot in Vogue Magazine. 1978 born actress was in the news for her photoshoots, love with her secretary and so on.Before appearing in the big screens, she was active in small screen and has done a variety of television serials. The beautiful and sexy actress then moved to Urdu films.

She shot to fame when she participated in the Indian relaity shwo called BIG BOSS. This, ofcourse irked the conservative pakistani people and the government. Although she got evicted before the finals of the show, she left a valuable mark on the show.

Her recent controversial shoot for Vogue magazine stirred the media and Pakistanis. The magazine's cover photo is with a nude photo of Veena Malik and that also with ISI tatto on her arm. Veena malik in her interview to a Pakistani Channel denied that the photo in the magazine is morphed. But as you can see from the interview, her statements are contradicting. She says the photoshoot was there with clothes, but was morphed without her knowledge. But the ISI tatto was a part of the shoot. God knows what is right and wrong. Watch her telephonic interview on the issue.

Eventhough she denies of her nude shoot, she had many sexy photoshoots in her credits, just watch a few of her videos.

The above video is from the show Big another hot shoot video:

Another Sexy shoot of Veena

Her scintillating performance in Big Boss.

Whther Veena shoots her sexy photo shoots, nude shows or talk shows, the fact is it is upto an individual to to what she or he likes to do in the society. If they have that kind of boldness, let them do in their own way. Don't judge them, if you like follow otherwise turn your face.

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